Pimples Treatment+pimples on face removal tips+pimple cream
Pimples Treatment

Pimples Treatment

Pimples Treatment at home

Here are four natural treatments that have been proven to get rid of pimples fast, plus a few longer-term remedies.In this article, we talk about how to treat and prevent hard pimples. We also look at different types of pimples and their causes.Below are 10 home remedies for acne that you might want to try.Pimples Treatment for more detail

  • Apply Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Take a Zinc Supplement
  • Make a Honey and Cinnamon Mask
  • Spot Treat With Tea Tree Oil
  • Apply Green Tea to Your Skin
  • Apply Witch Hazel
  • Moisturize With Aloe Vera
  • Take a Fish Oil Supplement


pimples are common disease of the skin mostly peoples face the pimples problem. when dead  skin cells bacteria dust and oil block the pores then pimples are appear in the face. if we are not  wash the face three time in the day it is cause of pimples it is not good for our face. if you want to get rid of pimples permanently use the natural home remedies this remedies is effective for pimples. due to pimples problem skin is not look beautiful healthy and glowing. in this article we tell about some home remedies to get rid of pimples permanently.

how to get rid of pimples

How to get rid of pimples on nose?

  • Lemon Juice
  • Ice
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Toothpaste
  • Listerine Mouthwash.

Top 10 home remedies for Pimples Treatment

Pimples develop when sebaceous glands, or oil glands, become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red lesions filled with pus. Also known as spots or zits, pimples are a part of acne. This can cause the sebaceous glands, located at the base of hair follicles, to become overactive

what is acne?

a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face, due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands and prevalent chiefly among adolescents.

Types of acne

You may hear the term “breakout” used to describe all forms of acne, but this isn’t always an accurate description. Not all types of acne spread across the skin.

  1. excess production of oil
  2. bacteria
  3. hormones
  4. dead skin cells
  5. ingrown hairs

papules acne

first of all wash the face with any soap or face if you have. take clean bowl add 1 tea spoon of honey and 1 tea spoon of fresh lemon juice mixing the both. after mixing apply this pack on the face and do message gently left it on the face for 10 minutes. after  10 minutes wash the face with lukewarm  and dry the face with towel. if you want to get rid pimples use this remedy 1 time in the day for best results .

papules acne

acne Pimples Treatment

  1. eat healthy food avoid creamy and oily food
  2. take complete sleep
  3. drink 12 glasses of water in the day

pimples treatment at home for oily skin

  • when pores are become clogged  with dead skin cells  dust oil and sebum
  • when we did not drink water that need for our body.
  • pimples are happen when we eat more oily and creamy foods.
  • pimples can happen due to hormonal change
  • the over use of cosmetic is main reason of pimples.
  • emotional stress is cause of pimples.

Acne Pimples Treatment

Doctors recommend gently washing the face no more than twice daily. Over-the-counter (OTC) pimple treatments often contain benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur. Prescription medication for pimples includes topical treatment, antibiotics, isotretinoin, and laser and light therapy

Acne treatment cream

Topical retinoids clear up moderate-to-severe acne by affecting the way the skin grows and sheds. They can be used in combination with other acne products, such as benzyl peroxide and oral antibiotics. Side effects of topical retinoids include redness, dryness, and itchy skin

how to make anti acne cream at home?

Home remedies for pimples and blackheads for oily skin

Apply a thin layer of toothpaste over the blackheads, leave for 25 minutes and wash face gently with warm water. Repeat this remedy for two weeks to be free from blackheads. Honey Massage: Honey has antiseptic properties that work wonders for both oily skin and blackheads,Acne, pimples and blackheads certainly are a sign that something is wrong … Home remedies for pimples and blackheads for oily skin

How to Remove Blackheads Naturally?

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